Our leathers are 100% full-grain Cow leather that haven't been corrected, sanded or modified to kept natural. Full-grain leather is considered the most durable type of leather and our tanneries use organic vegetable to dye for unique colors. Natural marks can be seen because, the best full grain leathers should display the natural markings and grain characteristics from the animal that will give a natural and unique look.

Our products are 100% hand-made, one at the time in our factory, by 90 of the most skilled craftsmen who maintain the highest quality standards in the world's leather industry. Even though production capacity has been increased with the number of craftsmen over the years, Barchello still is a niche product requiring long lead times that are not suitable for mass production.



Barchello also focuses on accessories for real life, to be functional on a daily basis, long lasting and personal. Our products will stay with you for the long run, through the adventures and defining moments that will carry nostalgic sentiment making them irreplaceable. This is the main reason we chose the best craftsmanship, premium quality full grain leathers.



Barchello is not just a watch band, phone case or an accessory, it’s also a timeless lifestyle and symbol of identity that defines your personality.